Dispensary Review, San Francisco

Dispensary Review: Terp Town Patient Services in Berkeley

January 7, 2018

Dispensary: Terp Town Patient Services

Location: Berkeley, California

Type: Delivery only

Menu: Weedmaps

I was first introduced to Terp Town Patient Services by one of my favorite hash-makers, Dr. Ladybug, who was dropping a bunch of delicious melts on their menu. He said they had a great selection of concentrates at great prices so I decided to check them out. Flash forward a few months and Terp Town is now my go-to for top-shelf extracts. Check out the full review below.

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Stoner Ramblings

Here’s what $700 bought me at the 2017 Emerald Cup

December 11, 2017

finally had the chance to attend my first Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, California, this weekend… and Disney World now ranks #2 on my list of happiest places on earth (sorry, Mickey).

In case you’re not familiar with the Emerald Cup, it’s renown as the biggest and best showcase of sun-grown cannabis in the world. For a recovering “indoor weed snob” like myself, it’s a mandatory event to attend so you can see just how incredibly good outdoor cannabis (and its byproducts) can be… not to mention the amazing community that surrounds it.

I barely contained my excitement as I bounced from booth to booth meeting farmers, learning about strains, sampling products and selectively scooping up the best flavors I could find. I say “selectively” since I set a $700 limit for myself–I could have easily spent way more if given more time and less self-control. 😉

All in all I came away with 16 strains of flowers (just over 2 ounces) and 5 concentrates… not a bad haul for a single day, eh?. Check out photos of each below, then leave a comment and let me know what you scooped up at the Emerald Cup.

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Stoner Ramblings

How I Fly with Weed

September 11, 2017

How I Fly with Weed
I travel quite frequently for work and pleasure, and there’s little else I want to do after being crammed on an airplane for hours than spark up a bowl of some dank herb. To make sure said bowl is smoked – and multiple bowls after that – I’ve carried marijuana through airport security on countless occasions since becoming a medical marijuana patient back in 2009, and I’ve never had a single issue (knock on wood).

One of the main reasons I feel comfortable bringing marijuana on an airplane is that security, for the most part, isn’t even looking for it. TSA’s website says security officers aren’t searching for marijuana or other drugs. If they do happen to find anything in your baggage then they’ll turn you over to local law enforcement. I only carry cannabis when traveling through medical or recreational states, and I feel comfortable with the potential consequences in those states (something you need to consider and decide for yourself).

I’ve also talked to police about the issue. Before a flight between Denver and Montrose, Colorado, I called the Denver PD and asked if I could carry cannabis on an in-state flight. They didn’t hesitate to say it was ok to do that. The fact that they’re so lax about in-state travel makes me feel pretty comfortable walking through Denver International with a jar of chronic.

My method for carrying weed through TSA checkpoints isn’t anything elaborate. It’s quite the opposite and boils down to two simple things:

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5 Tips to Find the Best Hash in Dispensaries

June 28, 2017

Bubble hash, full melt, ice wax – whatever you call it – water-extracted concentrates are by far my favorite type of cannabis concentrate. They can be so flavorful, so potent, but also so hit-or-miss.

Making the highest-quality hash requires true artistry and care – care for the product and for the end consumer – which makes finding truly extraordinary hashes more of a rarity than a common occurrence.

While smoking anything is the ultimate test for quality, there are a few ways I go about finding unicorn tears in a sea of mediocrity. Check them out below and leave a comment if you have any more tips to add to the list.

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