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How I Fly with Weed

September 11, 2017

How I Fly with Weed
I travel quite frequently for work and pleasure, and there’s little else I want to do after being crammed on an airplane for hours than spark up a bowl of some dank herb. To make sure said bowl is smoked – and multiple bowls after that – I’ve carried marijuana through airport security on countless occasions since becoming a medical marijuana patient back in 2009, and I’ve never had a single issue (knock on wood).

One of the main reasons I feel comfortable bringing marijuana on an airplane is that security, for the most part, isn’t even looking for it. TSA’s website says security officers aren’t searching for marijuana or other drugs. If they do happen to find anything in your baggage then they’ll turn you over to local law enforcement. I only carry cannabis when traveling through medical or recreational states, and I feel comfortable with the potential consequences in those states (something you need to consider and decide for yourself).

I’ve also talked to police about the issue. Before a flight between Denver and Montrose, Colorado, I called the Denver PD and asked if I could carry cannabis on an in-state flight. They didn’t hesitate to say it was ok to do that. The fact that they’re so lax about in-state travel makes me feel pretty comfortable walking through Denver International with a jar of chronic.

My method for carrying weed through TSA checkpoints isn’t anything elaborate. It’s quite the opposite and boils down to two simple things:


Whether I’m carrying pre-rolled joints, nuggets, concentrates, or all of the above, I put it all in my carry-on baggage and send it through the x-ray machine at the security checkpoint. I make sure everything is in smell-proof containers to avoid turning any heads with whiffs of dank nugs.

I never pack cannabis in my checked bags. When I’ve checked bags in the past, I seem to frequently find the little piece of paper left in the bag that says a TSA agent searched it. Sorry, TSA bro, but I don’t trust you with my nugs.

If someone happens to find my stash, I want to be there when it happens so I can a) show my medical card and explain my situation b) make sure they don’t slip away with my jar of dankness c) hopefully leave the situation with my cannabis in tow.


I’m sure to remove all liquids, electronics, sharp objects, and anything else that may possibly give TSA the slightest reason to search my bags. I’m also aware of my appearance and never wear weed paraphernalia – i.e. a cannabis t-shirt or hat – that may give a close-minded TSA agent a reason to fuck with me.

Ultimately, I understand there’s risk associated with taking marijuana on an airplane. But for me, the joys of sparking a joint upon arriving in a new place or bringing nugs home from other cannabis friendly states far outweigh any of the potential negative side effects.

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  • Reply Anonymous April 29, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    i was going to leave them in the plastic containers prerolls come in – do you think that would raise any red flags?

    • Reply Here4TheFlavor May 1, 2019 at 7:39 pm

      I’ve flown with pre-rolls still in their containers and never had any issues. Mind you, I’ve carried a few at a time, not a large amount, so I would consider that.

  • Reply EverybodyEatsNow May 27, 2019 at 11:36 am

    What if you had a plastic container that wasn’t open yet, and would it show up in the TSA scan?

  • Reply anon July 23, 2019 at 2:09 am

    I was thinking of putting it in a shampoo bottle but wrapping it consecutively and dunking it in the shampoo is that a stupid idea ?

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