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Dispensary Review: Terp Town Patient Services in Berkeley

January 7, 2018

Dispensary: Terp Town Patient Services

Location: Berkeley, California

Type: Delivery only

Menu: Weedmaps

I was first introduced to Terp Town Patient Services by one of my favorite hash-makers, Dr. Ladybug, who was dropping a bunch of delicious melts on their menu. He said they had a great selection of concentrates at great prices so I decided to check them out. Flash forward a few months and Terp Town is now my go-to for top-shelf extracts. Check out the full review below.

FLOWER (null)

They always have a few flowers on their menu, but I’ve never given any of them a try. It’s not that the flower doesn’t look good, it’s just when I give Terp Town a call I have one thing in mind: concentrates.

CONCENTRATES (5 out of 5)

Terp Town has the best selection of concentrates at the best prices in the Bay Area (if you know of better please drop me a line haha). A gram of live resin that goes for ~$140 in a dispensary will be $100 on their menu. They’ve introduced me to some amazing extract artists like Frosty Nugman and Ahti Hash, and they consistently have an awesome lineup of my long-time favorites like Dr. Ladybug, Humboldt’s Finest and Terp Preservation Society. Their menu seems to rotate often and fire flavors tend to go quick, so be sure to keep an eye on their IG feed to see the latest and tastiest.

SERVICE/OVERALL (5 out of 5)

I’ve only had extremely positive experiences with the Terp Town crew. Their communication through the ordering/delivery process is always on-point and once they let me schedule a delivery for 10 p.m. when I was getting back to San Fran from a business trip (didn’t want to come home to a low stash!). The only drawback to Terp Town is their $500 minimum order for deliveries to my part of San Francisco. That means I only order from them when I’m ready to stock up, but that’s never an issue when selecting from the best menu of concentrates in the Bay Area. They get a perfect 5/5 as my go-to extract provider.

Terp Town Logo

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