Strain Review

Strain Review: Cookies and Cream

June 11, 2017

Strain: Cookies and Cream (Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter)

Type: Hybrid

Dispensary: Archive – Portland, Oregon

Girl Scout Cookies is easily one of my favorite strains. The beautiful tight nug structure, the deep purple and green hues, the sweet n’ skunky smell and flavor; the heavy-hitting couch-lock stone… it’s really the complete package when grown to its full potential.

Enter Cookies and Cream, a cross between my beloved GSC and Starfighter (Alien Tahoe OG x Lemon Alien Dawg). This wonderful strain takes all the things I love about Girl Scout Cookies to the next level.

Check out the full Cookies and Cream strain review below.

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Extract Review

3 Top-Shelf Live Resins from CannaCruz

March 13, 2017

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I took a day-trip to Santa Cruz for a run along the coast (marathon training woooo!) and a little dispensary tour. Our first stop was CannaCruz Collective, a shop that completely blew me away with their super friendly staff, wide selection of top-shelf flowers, and amaaaazzzing in-house concentrates.

I specifically picked CannaCruz for the DJ Short Blueberry that I’d seen on their menu – I’ll post a video strain review soon – but ended up being distracted from other flowers by their selection of super terpy concentrates. Nearly all of their in-house extracts had the flower counterparts on the shelf, which made it really fun to go from smelling concentrates to the flower that produced it.

After some tough deliberation I left with three live resin flavors: Chiquita Banana, Slymer and Blueberry. Check out reviews of each live resin below.

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Strain Review

One of my all-time favorites: Obama Kush

March 8, 2017

Strain: Obama Kush

Genetics: Mendocino Purps x Bubba Kush

Type: Hybrid

Grower: Resin Ranchers – Portland, Oregon

Dispensary: Farma – Portland, Oregon

I can’t remember exactly when I first tasted Obama Kush. What I do know is that once I exhaled that first hit, it became one of my favorite flavors of all-time. When I lived in Portland I always had a jar of Obama Kush stocked and within reach.

And while Obama Kush is plentiful in Portland, it’s actually quite hard to find in San Francisco (I’ve come across only one decent batch). So on a trip to Portland last weekend I made it a point to find a proper piece of this delicious strain. Lucky for me, Resin Ranchers had just dropped a batch of top-shelf Obama Kush at Farma, and I didn’t waste any time stopping by.

Check out the full Obama Kush Strain Review below.

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Extract Review

Zkittlez Hash Rosin by Southern Humboldt Terp Farms

February 21, 2017

Strain: Zkittlez

Form: Hash Rosin

Producer: Southern Humboldt Terp Farms

Dispensary: 1944 Ocean, San Francisco

Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x an unknown strain) is famous for its overwhelming fruity, candy-like smell and flavor. From 3rd Gen Fam + Terp Hogz in Northern California, it’s quickly become a sought-after strain since winning the 2015 Northern Cali High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2016 Emerald Cup. When I saw this hash rosin from Southern Humboldt Terp Farms I just had to give it a try.

Check out the full Zkittlez hash rosin review below.

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