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Strain Review: Cookies and Cream

June 11, 2017

Strain: Cookies and Cream (Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter)

Type: Hybrid

Dispensary: Archive – Portland, Oregon

Girl Scout Cookies is easily one of my favorite strains. The beautiful tight nug structure, the deep purple and green hues, the sweet n’ skunky smell and flavor; the heavy-hitting couch-lock stone… it’s really the complete package when grown to its full potential.

Enter Cookies and Cream, a cross between my beloved GSC and Starfighter (Alien Tahoe OG x Lemon Alien Dawg). This wonderful strain takes all the things I love about Girl Scout Cookies to the next level.

Check out the full Cookies and Cream strain review below.

BAG APPEAL (5 out of 5)

Cookies and Cream is a uniquely beautiful strain, and this batch from Archive Portland is some of the nicest I’ve seen. The dense, rock-hard nugs favor their Girl Scout Cookies heritage, but are longer and almost spear-like, rather than the stout popcorn nugs common in many Cookie batches.

The flowers range from shades of blue to purple to deep green, and are completely dripping in a heavy coating of healthy trichomes. Take them outside and they shimmer like diamonds in the sunlight. 💎☀️

They also did a damn fine job trimming and curing this batch. Top-notch bag appeal here.

SMELL (4 out of 5)

At first whiff, the Cookies and Cream nugs mirror the dough-like sweetness and kushy funk of Girl Scout Cookies, but a deeper inhale reveals aromas of vanilla, marshmallows, milk chocolate and hazelnut. If you’re a sweet freak, you’ll love this strain.

TASTE (4 out of 5)

Just like the smell, the Cookies and Cream flavor closely resembles its Girl Scout Cookies lineage, but with a little something extra that takes it to the next level. When first exhaled, my mouth is coated with flavors of toasted sugar and vanilla, which give way to gasoline, earth and spice. Super clean and flavorful smoke.

Ashes: Light grey

OVERALL (4.5 out of 5)

Cookies and Cream is one of my favorite crosses of Girl Scout Cookies. Like I said before, it takes all the things I love about GSC to the next level, and that’s pretty hard to beat.

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