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Sapphire Kush from Northern Emeralds

February 13, 2017

Since moving to San Francisco I’ve found only a few growers who I trust to deliver the highest quality product on a consistent basis (a.k.a. every time) – Northern Emeralds is one of the few. I was first introduced to them through another of their staple strains, Titan OG – a heavy-hitting couch-locker – and then I came across their Sapphire OG, a cross of Titan OG x Pink Panties. The Sapphire Kush is an OG lovers dream from start to finish, and has quickly become one of my favorite OG flavors.

Check out the full Sapphire Kush strain review below.

Strain: Sapphire Kush

Genetics: Titan OG x Pink Panties

Type: Hybrid

Grower: Northern Emeralds

Dispensary: 1944 Ocean, San Francisco

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